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0x API Subscription FAQ
0x API Subscription FAQ

Frequently asked questions on 0x API subscriptions.

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Which 0x API plan is right for me?

We offer a range of plans to suit various needs. If you are an individual or small team starting out, our free plan is powerful enough to support you in building swap applications. The Starter plan is the most popular among teams as it is affordable and offers higher throughput as your user base and transactions grow. For larger companies, the Growth plan is perfect and comes with a 0% swap fee, enabling you to offer more competitive prices to your users. For price data only, you can get real time DEX prices for tokens via our Price API. You can get started with them here:

For enterprises who require custom solutions, you have a direct line to our sales team via the contact form. After sending your message, a dedicated account manager will follow up to set up a plan that is right for you.

Do you offer custom invoicing?

We offer custom invoicing and payment methods for Enterprise customers. Prefer to pay with crypto? No problem. Contact us to discuss custom invoicing.

Do I have to pay a subscription fee to use 0x API?

You can start building for free! We have a Free tier that is suited for individuals and small teams. The Free tier includes:

  • 1 RPS

  • 1M API calls monthly

  • 1 App

What is the maximum throughput you can support on the Enterprise plan?

As high as you need! Seriously. We currently support teams with millions of users worldwide that require over 50 RPS. Contact us to discuss Enterprise solutions.

How can I monetize my app with 0x API?

0x offers two options for monetizing your order flow so you can build a sustainable Web3 business. On all of our plans, you can set a percentage fee and a fee recipient on trades initiated within your application via Swap API requests. Additionally, you may take a percentage of the positive slippage generated from your swaps. You can find details on both approaches in our API references.

For more specific information, please refer to how to monetize your app with 0x in our documentation.

I’ve just signed up. When do I pay my first bill?

You will pay the plan subscription fee once you input your payment information. You will be billed for any overages at the end of the month.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, you can sign up for our yearly plans to receive a 20% discount on the subscription fee!

I already had several apps before you rolled out paid plans. Will I be charged for those apps?

As long as you remain on the free plan, we will not charge you any subscription fees. However, please note that we will disable apps that exceed your limit. Please let us know which of these apps we can delete to ensure you remain within the terms of the free plan by contacting 0x Developer Support via the 0x Developer Dashboard.

Do I get billed for my Demo App?

Each 0x Dashboard account includes a Demo App with API keys, enabling you to test your integration. Your demo app has a rate limit of 20 RPM, which should be sufficient for your testing needs. You will not be billed for any requests made with keys from your demo app.

How do I disable an app?

If you would like to disable an app, please provide the following information by contacting 0x Developer Support.

  • Name of your organization

  • Name of the app you would like to delete

  • Name of the apps you would like to keep (if any)

Can I pay for my 0x API subscription with crypto?

Absolutely. We accept cryptocurrency as payment for all 0x API plans. If you prefer to pay with crypto, please contact the 0x sales team and we will assist you.

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