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How to view 0x trade analytics
How to view 0x trade analytics

Step-by-step guide on how to gain actionable insights and track key metrics on the 0x dashboard.

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Recently, we introduced trade analytics to the 0x dashboard. Now, you can gain actionable insights and track key metrics about user behavior with in-depth charts and contextual insights from onchain trades.

How do I view 0x trade analytics?

To view 0x trade analytics, simply log in the 0x dashboard. 0x trade analytics are available for all paid plan subscribers.

Starter tier subscribers have 30 day access to 0x trade analytics. Subscribe to the Growth tier for 1 year of access.

If you’re currently on the free tier, you can upgrade to a paid plan directly from the 0x Dashboard. Our Pay-As-You-Go Plan starts at just $49 per 100k requests.

What information is included in 0x trade analytics?


Overall app & usage trends - Explore 12 months of aggregate user trading data, from volume to trade size - filterable by app, API, chain, and time period.


Track revenue - 0x APIs enable you to easily monetize your products with affiliate fee and trade surplus features. You can now track current and historical revenue generated with Trade Analytics.


Understand user behavior & segmentation - Whale or retail? Learn what kind of users you’re attracting by looking at the distribution of users by trade size. What chains are trending? Filter volume by chain to see where users are trading.


Inform marketing & partnerships - Insight into top tokens traded on your app can help inform marketing and content, whether that’s partnering with a top chain or tapping into token communities.


Contextual insights - Contextual insights from on-chain trades can help you elevate your product and business strategy.

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